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Our standard fees are highly competitive, but because we know it helps many people to budget if they know their outgoings in advance, we have created our Old Grammar School Dental Plan to make our services even more affordable for you and your family.

A standard monthly fee of just £12.72 entitles you to discounted treatments across the board and includes a comprehensive insurance package covering the cost of out-of-hours and worldwide dental emergencies.

Adult price Old Grammar School dental plan Non-member
Examination (twice a year) Inclusive £35
X-rays (small) Inclusive £8.50
Scale & polish (twice a year) Inclusive £42
Examination, scale & polish Inclusive £58
White filling from £60 from £68
Metal filling from £48 from £60
Extraction from £55.25 from £65
Root-filling from £140 from £165
Crowns from £275 from £350
Bridges from £480 from £600
Partial dentures
Plastic/acrylic from £210 from £265
Metal frame from £450 from £580
Full dentures £350 £500–£700
Tooth whitening
Home kit (all teeth) £300 £350
Home kit (single arch) £199 £250

Children’s prices

We see all children from 0-18 years, and 19 year olds in full time education, FREE of charge on the NHS.

Examination FREE  
X-rays (small) FREE  
X-rays (large) FREE  
Appointment FREE  
Baby tooth FREE  
Adult tooth FREE  
White Fillings
Baby tooth FREE  
Adult tooth FREE